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Inca Trail Adventures

Have you ever wanted to travel to Peru and walk the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu? We at 100% Adventure have the package to suit you! We are one of the only companies where you will be met and led by an Australian. Why worry about the company that is taking you when you can liaise, deal with and travel with an Australian Company with Australian's assisting you along the way. Yes you can get this cheaper with local companies, but take the stress and the worry out of it and allow us to do all of the administration, liaison, accommodation and travel for you. All you need to do is walk, take photo's and smile, we do the rest for you. This is what we do and this is why we are 100%

Call or email to find out about our Inca Trail packages. 


Tasmania Trekking

Everyone when they think of trekking in Tasmania thinks of the Overland Track. Whilst we do this, we focus on the "road less travelled" treks which are more techinical, more stunning and you are less likely to face he overwhelming crowds. Let us design your Tasmanian trekking adventure for you. We have a trek and a budget to suit everyone and we guarantee, you will not be disappointed!

Call or email to let us design your Tasmanian adventure for you.

Surfing, boats, surfboard, relaxing, relaxing by the pool, sunsets over the ocean

Famliy adventure/ Surf holidays

We will be launching the details on these shortly, but what better than to take the family somewhere tropical and have the option to surf, learn to surf, relax by the pool, do yoga, go shopping, drink cocktails by the pool at lunchtime or  just do whatever you choose. 

These adventures will be pluck and play, where the program will be set and you can choose your own adventure within it! Don't feel like getting up, sleep in! Don't want to do yoga and want to just sit by the pool!? We'll just see you for cocktails later (unless you don't want to do that either!)  These holidays will have a range of activities and you can do it all or only the parts that you want to. You have the option to do your own thing when you want. We will just be there to take you somewhere you've never been, that will blow your mind and let you chill or charge as hard as you like. Its your holiday, its your adventure!